Home Pack of Groceries Delivery

In just 12 weeks, the outbreak of a novel Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) has gone from an initially discrete outbreak to a raging pandemic. The disease causes respiratory infections of varying severity and is easily transmitted. Once an outbreak has entered the community transmission phase, it can double in scale every 3 to 5 days. Hospitalization needs grow in leaps and bounds – so fast that it can overwhelm a nation’s healthcare system. On average, 20 per cent of those infected develop severe or critical symptoms with case fatality rates well over 1 per cent, and much higher with older age and for persons with underlying conditions. The speed and scale of the spread, the severity of cases and the societal and economic disruption has already been dramatic and could be more so as it takes hold in poorer nations like India.  

Tamilnadu State Government has taken number of initiatives to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus rapidly; the State wide Lock Down is an important decisions which has changed life a painful one to all. 

Ø  Unemployment has created major constraints for Daily wage labour
Ø  Migrant labour could not returned to their home for non-availability of Transport
Ø  Food supply chain has been cut down and demands for Groceries and Vegetables increased. 
Ø  Several Government Employees made to work at Home
Ø  Students Examination and number of Job oriented interviews have been postponed
Ø  Farmers could not harvest their produces
Ø  Planned marriage functions have been cancelled.
Ø  Export and Import has been closed down.
Ø  Overall economical status has come back by 10 years.

At this crucial situation, people have avoided tours, theatre, parties, house constructions, purchasing dresses and ornaments but the Government could not stop people to come out for purchasing FOOD MATERIALS.    
Social Education and Economical Development Society (SEEDS) has come up with the Noval Idea “Home Pack of Groceries Delivery” and the District Administration of Virudhunagar has accepted and certified to distribute through out the District limit.  

SEED Society has arranged to receive quality Grocery Home Packings from SEEDS Farmer Producer Company Limited (SFPCL), Mallainginaru who directly procures Non-Pesticides Produces from the local farmers. The Home Pack consists of basic Grocery needs of a family for a month. By this new innovative initiative both the farmers and the borrowers are getting benefits.  The borrower able to save Rs.200 and at the same time the SFPCL able to procure the farmer produces for additional rate say Rs.5 – 10 per kg more when compared to the open market. 
The Project has over whelmed by the majority of the people and the demand request from the people has been increased day by day which fetched considerable result to the Country wide Lock Down.


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