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Door Deliver of Grocery Home Pack

SEEDS organization with the support of SEEDS Farmer Producer Company Limited (SFPCL) start door delivery of Grocery Home Pack value of Rs.1000 for the poor people affected due to the country wide lock down to prevent COVID-19.    The Home pack consists of monthly essential Grocery needs of the family. By this new innovative initiative both the farmers and the borrowers are getting benefits.   The borrower able to save Rs.200 and at the same time the SFPCL able to procure the farmer produces for high rate say Rs.5 – 10 kg when compared to the open market.  

Government support to SEEDS Home Pack.

The Virudhunagar District Collector Mr.Kannan has supported our SEEDS NGO initiatives that supplying of Grocery Home Pack during this 21 days Lock down due to COVID-19. People belongs to Virudhunagar District can get their family needs from their doorsteps. This is a good opportunity to farming community that our Non-Pesticide Products reached to wide population for a good cause through SEEDS Farmer Producer Company Limited, Mallanginar. We sincerely thank the District Administration for the wonderful recognition.    

Grocery Home Pack for People isolated and Infected with Corona

Social Education Economic Development Society (SEEDS) is in touch with Virudhunagar District Adminitration and start supply of Grocery Home Pack value of Rs.1000 for the people isolated and infected with Corona. The quality Grocery Home Packings are received from the SEEDS Farmer Producer Company Limited who directly procures Non-Pesticides Produces from the local farmers. Grocery Home Pack consist the following items.     

Prevent COVID-19 and Save Life

Social Education Economic Development Society (SEEDS) is a registered non-governmental organization working for the past 24 years in 250 villages covering 9 Districts of Tamilnadu State concentrates empowering the children, women and marginalised farmers.   Covid-19 is the infectious disease most recently discovered Corona virus in China during December 2019 which cause respiratory infections ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and leads to death. From early 2020, more than 5 lakhs people are being affected and more than 30,000 people have died of this COVID-19. Eventhough India is taking firm steps in preventing the disease, the poor awareness among public may loss many lives.   We know that protecting the life of the people is the role of our Government; SEEDS feels that supporting the efforts of the Government at this crucial time by creating awareness and providing food and safety materials to the poor and