Government support to SEEDS Home Pack.

The Virudhunagar District Collector Mr.Kannan has supported our SEEDS NGO initiatives that supplying of Grocery Home Pack during this 21 days Lock down due to COVID-19. People belongs to Virudhunagar District can get their family needs from their doorsteps. This is a good opportunity to farming community that our Non-Pesticide Products reached to wide population for a good cause through SEEDS Farmer Producer Company Limited, Mallanginar. We sincerely thank the District Administration for the wonderful recognition.


  1. A timely initiative of SEEDS FPCL is really appreciable. People can get their groceries delivered to home during this curfew of COVID 19. It is a healthy collection of food grains from the small & marginal rainfed Agricultural farmers practicing Non Pesticide Management, especially from 90 percent Mahila farmer Producers. Hats off to the team..🙏💚💥


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