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Social Education Economical Development Society (SEEDS) is a non-governmental organization promoted by a Gandhian worker Mr. S.D. Pandian who had been associating with the Sarvodaya  Movement of Tamilnadu.    Since 1995,  SEEDS,   registered under Tamilnadu Societies registration Act 1975, undertook socio economic development activities in the most backward areas namely Aruppukottai, Tiruchuli and Kariyapatti Blocks of Virudhunagar district which is one of the backward districts in Tamilnadu .
The mandate of the organization is to enable the marginalized and disadvantaged rural communities to achieve their socio-economic development through the process of awareness building,  organization and  right based empowerment activities.  SEEDS has been covering 10,000 families in 70 Villages located in  the blocks of Aruppukottai, Thiruchuli and Kariyapatti in Virudhunagar District of Tamilnadu. The major  developmental activities of SEEDS are grouped as; women empowerment, livelihood promotion,  micro credit,  sustainable agriculture, ecology and environmental protection, child rights, social security to unorganized workers,  
SEEDS envisages, a society, where poor and marginalized women are socially, Economically           developed with environmental consciousness and gender equity; and the children enjoy their childhood.
Enabling the poor and marginalized families by organizing themselves, and facilitating their empowerment process to achieve their socio economic development through a process of organization, institution building, and effective participation.


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