Planning Meet during the Lock Down

After a 60 days long gab due to the country wide Lock Down for the prevention of COVID-19, a Planning Meet for the top level SEEDS Resource Institution staff was held at Mallankinar under Virudhunagar District on 25th May 2020. The Secretary, Project Co-ordinators, Trainers, Chief Executive Officers of Farmer Producer Organisation and Project Managers were actively participated.  

The meeting has discussed about the underlined major work loads in the project heads and evolved possible solutions to complete it within the stipulated time with personal care.  

1.   Mobilisation of share holders.
2.   Meeting the legal compliance.
3.   Business plan preparation and execution with close monitoring.
4.   Value addition intra-devt/finance investment. Long term support vs subsidy or team loan.
5.   Moving towards financial sustainability.
6.   Availing new proposals which are all existing in all the Government.
7.   Linking with other FPOs in business mode and bring all the like minded FPO’s under one umbrella.
8.   FPC structural issues – BoDs knowledge level to ensure surety – NGO handhold.
Institution building – JLG/FIG/Individual shareholder

The meeting concluded by 5 pm with the vote of thanks from the Secretary. A good lunch was arranged at the eve of EID Mubarak which satisfied everything.

Earlier, happy and joyful moments were happened when each one give an entry to the meeting hall who inquired each one about their family and friends on this critical time.  The staff team thanked the Secretary and the COVID -19 Project team for a wonderful service to the vulnerable people during the lock down period. 


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