Milk Support to 25 Nomadic Tribal Children

The corona virus pandemic and the nationwide lock down in Tamilnadu are not limited to a health issue. It is also a big economic crisis. The lock down has taken away the livelihood of daily laborers, women headed families and sanitary workers of our working area exposing them to vulnerable conditions and danger to infection. To fight the lack of food supplies and loss of income, SEEDS is working to help those affected.

With our own funds, we have started to provide 200 ml of milk to each 25 poor children from Nomadic Tribal families in Panickanenthal village near Kariyapatti under Virudhunagar District to prevent from hunger during this country wide lock down period.  A local milk vendor from Kariyapatti has given Rs.4000 to supply 5 ML of milk to the identified families till 17th May 2020.  



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