Dry Ration and Food for 50 Nomadic Tribal Families - Thanks to ASSEFA Madurai

SEEDS proudly announce in its 25th Silver Jubilee Year Celebration, ASSEFA MADURAI – one of the long time partners of SEEDS organisation has come forward to support our Donate Now initiative with Rs.50, 000. 

We have identified 50 Nomadic Tribes families in Panickanenthal village near Kariyapatti under Virudhunagar District and they provided with “NO Cost Home Products of Groceries” each worth Rs.1000 during this country wide lock down to prevent the killing disease COVID-19.   

Our Sincere thanks to partner ASSEFA MADURAI for their valuable contribution to the needy at this crucial life time.  
SEEDS jointly with Inbam Foundation, Kariyapatti provided food for 50 Nomadic Tribal Families in Panickanenthal village to relieve from the hunger. Our sincere thanks to Inbam Foundation. 


  1. A VERY GOOD EFFORTS TO SUPPORT such vulnerable people & children during this lock down. It is an essential thing to support the KIDS with the Milk & it is awesome to watch the smile of kids on getting their basic food- Milk. GREAT service by SEEDS (NGO), which is left out by the Government ( GO).

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